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Trust is best created face to face

The travel and leisure market thrives on emotion and the exchange between customers, partners and competitors. This is the only way that customers can gain the best possible impression and establish a relationship with the vendor. The Suisse Caravan Salon takes this fact into account and is an outstanding platform for such encounters.

We showcase you in the very best light and communicate intensively, professionally and at the point where you're guaranteed a good reception: directly with customers. As an exhibitor, you benefit from the expertise and network of the trade fair team. We use all available communication tools to optimally present you and ensure an interested audience.

As an exhibitor, you can use the Suisse Caravan Salon to appeal directly to your customers and partners, and to create trust. 

Themes / Fields

Mobile homes/Chalets
Vehicle equipment
Government authorities/associations/clubs
Trade literature
Camping equipment
Outdoor and recreational articles

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Reserve your spot now and present personally your latest products and the most current trends at Switzerland’s largest and most important trade fair for camping and caravanning!

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