Be part of Swiss Cyber Security Days 2023

Swiss Cyber Security Days is Switzerland’s leading cybersecurity dialogue and know-how platform. The event bridges the knowledge gap between technology, business and population, offering policymakers, administrators, experts and users insights into current and future threats as well as innovative solutions. The focus will be on politics, economy, education and research. The platform is an opportunity for all national and international stakeholders to exchange information, share inspiration, and network with politicians, representatives from the federal administration and the business sector and leading cybersecurity experts.


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Key reasons to attend Swiss Cyber Security Days:

  • Be part of the largest, longest-running, best-known event in Switzerland in the field of cybersecurity to witness its impact on the economy, society and national security.  
  • Swiss Cyber Security Days brings together national and international experts, organisations and decision makers. 
  • Take advantage of the occasion to meet national and international leaders and expand your network.  
  • Use the opportunity to improve your competitiveness in the field of cybersecurity. 

Registration for 2023

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The following topics will be highlighted at Swiss Cyber Security Days 2023

Swiss Cyber Security Days is Switzerland’s leading cybersecurity dialogue and know-how platform in the field of cybersecurity. This year’s event is dedicated to the theme of “Shaping Cyber Resilience”.

Over the course of two days, the focus will be placed on relevant questions relating to the topic of cybersecurity: 

How is Switzerland’s new cybersecurity architecture structured?

The Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) provides a first-hand report.

What lessons can we learn from the war in Ukraine with regard to cyber resilience?
The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) explains.

Where does Africa stand as a continent with regard to cybersecurity and digitalisation? 

Speakers from Africa provide exclusive insights.

What is the Cyber Parliamentary Group’s position on cyber and cyber resilience?

This will be addressed in a moderated panel discussion.


Numerous captivating and inspiring lectures by renowned experts will take place over the course of two days to shed light on the social, economic and military dimensions of cybersecurity and visualise possible solutions.