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Become part of the Worlddidac & Swissdidac Bern 2021 and use the platform to contact directly those interested in education, teachers, principals, administrators and policy makers in the field of education.


Exhibition booklet Swissdidac Bern Hybrid

Reasons for your participation:

  • One fair, two platforms: Worlddidac & Swissdidac Bern are synonymous with a high level of awareness and established Swiss quality
  • Promote your dealer training before or during the exhibiton
  • Special program for decision makers
  • Interesting special forums, expamples of best practice and education solutions form all around the world
  • High media presence in Bern, the educational policy centre of Switzerland
  • large variety of subjects covered
  • Network with key decision makers from Europe and Oversees
  • 15 000 visisors expected, to whom you can present your products

Die Swissdidac Bern Hybrid erklärt


01 Rückblick: 00:00​ – 04:51​
02 Swissdidac Bern Hybrid 04:52​ – 13:37​
03 Ihre Teilnahmemöglichkeiten 13:38​ – 20:02​
04 Tablet Days – erstmals an der Swissdidac Bern 20:03​ – 29:21​
05 Zusammenfassung + nächste Schritte 29:22​ – 33:15


Be a part of Worlddidac & Swissdidac and use the platform to directly address visitors from the international B2B sector, including dealers, project managers, government organisations and producers.